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Does Google love you?

If Google loves your website then you have nothing to worry about. However, you must continue to use Google webmaster tools and Google analytics together in order to monitor your website properly. Don't get complacent though as Google is changing all the time and if you get left behind your website will die. I'm not joking, so will your profits.


What you need to know about your website and Google.

For a long time now website and business owners think that their website is anything from great to unbelievable at generating business. It’s only when suddenly it all goes wrong that they wonder what went wrong and more importantly why Google doesn’t like their website any more.

Well, although a search engine is technically just code and a database there are in fact hundreds of Google staff watching and changing things all the time. Don’t think for a minute that the mighty Google search engine is left to its own devises because it’s not and it never will be.

Your website for the most part represents you as a business owner and is your online company profile. If your website which we will now refer to it as your profile doesn’t meet Googles rules or doesn’t fit in with Googles algorithm then you can expect Google to do something about it. There isn’t a website on the whole of the internet that is immune to a Google penalty.

Therefore, you must know your website and everything about it. In saying this I’m not just referring to the way it looks to users but also and more importantly I’m referring to way Google sees it. Some of the best looking websites on the planet have been penalised so don’t think for a minute you are safe from the all seeing eye of Google.

If you already know your website has broken Googles rules or you fear it has then give me a call and we can talk it through. However, if you don’t have a budget to fix the issues then to be honest with you our conversation will be short.


How much does SEO cost and is it on-going?

I get asked this question more than any other and it makes me smile.

Now if bought your service or product from you today and wanted some more of it next month would you charge me again? Of course you would!

SEO is an ever changing service and if Google changes something then I have to change too. Now as for how much it costs, that totally depends on where you are today and how much work I need to do to fix anything if its wrong.

The other thing you need to remember is that every single website is different and they always will be. I'm a straight talker and I don't want to waste your time or mine so what you should do is work out realistically how much you can afford to pay each month towards your search engine optimisation.

I will look at your website and tell you exactly what I think and if it doesn't match your budget then we can leave it at that but at least you will know where you stand. What I will not do is take on the work from you knowing your low budget won't be able to meet the need.

The best thing to do is to give me a call.

Does Google hate you?

Let me guess whats happened. Your website used to do really well and your traffic was great, then one day for no apparent reason your website dropped in Google, your traffic disappeared and it seems like Google now hates you. The first thing to do if you haven;t already is implement Google webmaster tools and analytics, then call me.


What you need to know about Search Engine Optimisation.

Assuming you have no or very little understanding of SEO it’s fair to say that you have to get your head around the fact that SEO is not a quick fix in any respect. In saying this if you think all your issues will go away in just a few weeks then you are very mistaken. Most if not all SEO projects last for a minimum of 8-12 months.

SEO is paid for monthly in advance and needs a lot of planning on my part and yours. No project will be started without payment up front and if your monthly payment is late more than twice your contract will be terminated. This may seem a little over the top but I do not have the time or the patience to be chasing invoices.

You need to work with me on all aspects of your SEO project and try not to put up barriers. This is really important as the issues you have will probably take time to fix so if we work together it will be quicker, more productive and cost effective.

Your website team or website development company also have to be on board. They will need to listen and do exactly as I ask them. It will be your responsibility to ensure they deliver and make the changes I request to your website.

And finally, you have to accept the advice I give you. Sometimes the advice isn’t all good news but what you need to remember is no matter what the problem is I can fix it. I have completed the SEO on over 20,000 websites and have seen pretty much everything. And don't forget no matter who you speak to, SEO is a process and not a dark art.


Can you train my staff so they can manage our SEO in-house?

Yes this is possible and I have completed this process many times for all sorts of companies ranging from financial services companies to care homes.

The training I offer ranges from 1 full day to 3 full days depending on what you require. The training will not make your staff experts in SEO but it will put them on the right path to getting things sorted out.

SEO training always takes place at your premises and I ask that all staff taking part have their own laptop that is connected to the internet.

I will supply all training materials, folders, note pads and software as required.

The cost of the training will depend entirely on your requirements but as a rough guide a full training day will cost between £750.00 - £1200.00 plus vat and travel expenses.

Before you give me a call about your seo training have a chat to your staff and see what level they think they at with regards to SEO knowledge, this will help me get an idea of what your requirements are and help my gauge the level at which the training should be.

Do you use Google analytics?

Look it's really simple if you are not using Google analytics then implement it immediately. It works like this if you are not using analytics then I won't be able to help you. Google currently rules the search engine world and so we have to adhere to Google and ensure you are the best within it. If you are unsure about this then just go to Google and research.


What you need to know about what I do and how I do it.

First and foremost I am not a magician and I can’t tell Google what to do. Amazingly some have believed in the past that there is some kind of magic a good seo consultant can do to suddenly make your website work better in the search engines.

Let’s make it really clear good seo is about managing a process and eliminating the bad things you have done to upset Google. It is not about silly tricks and hiding things from Google to try and fool it into thinking your website is the best in your market place.

I will guide you on the right path to getting all your issues fixed and then put you in a place where you can ensure they don’t happen again. Now here’s the kicker, what I do works every single time, there’s not been a website I haven’t been able to help. However, if you stop listening to me and decide to try something on your own then I can assure you, you will fail and I will not be around to fix it a second time.

There will be things you will have to change about your website, you may not like them, you may not agree with them but they will be right and you will have to do them. What you have to remember is when I engage a client I approach it as if the website is my own, there is nothing that can’t be rectified and there is nothing I haven’t seen already.

In summary, listen to me and implement my changes and we both win. Ignore me and don’t implement the changes I suggest and we will part company very quickly. Have a think about it and get in touch, 0845 269 4714, if you think we can work together.


I'm using an SEO company but I'm not sure if they are doing anything.

Lots of companies feel this way and I totally get that it's a difficult situation to address.

Yes I will look at your situation and I have to be honest I will expect to get paid for it. The thing is I would complete my assessment as if you had no current seo company because that's the only way I can look at it.

Now if I find what the company are doing is good then I will be more than happy to say so, this happens in about 40% of the websites I look at.

The other 60% are usually in the same situation. The seo company have told the client it will take 6 months before you see any movement in Google. This is absolute nonsense.

If an seo company is actively working on your website you will see movement in Google within 2 months.

If you feel you fall into this 60% then it's best we have a chat on the phone first and I can give you a brief heads up on where I think you are. Whatever you do, do not let the SEO company know you have contacted me as I will need to speak to them on your behalf.

Do you use Google Webmaster tools?

Like I have already said Google rules the world of search engines so the only true tool you need to assess and monitor your website is Googles own tool, Webmaster Tools. If you haven't got this implemented then get it done asap, if you haven't got a clue what I'm talking about then you are in real trouble. Only give me a call if you really want it fixed.


What I need to know about you and your business.

It’s a fact I have seen and worked on thousands of websites and it’s also a fact that in order to do my job properly I need to understand your business and your industry so you need to educate me. I will need to know everything including and without exception the following:

  • Access to your Google Analytics
  • Access to your Google Webmaster Tools
  • Access to edit your website so I can edit it
  • Access to all past information about your website
  • Time with your team to understand your business
  • Time with you to understand your business model
  • Any issues you have had with Google in the past
  • Be honest with me and I can help you

Now if you haven't got this information you need to start getting it or at least have the contact details of the person that does. I can't stress this enough as without it you and I will be running in the dark and we both know what will happen then.

Let's see what some clients say:

Coventry City Council

Mr Sean Leigh has been known to me for a number of years through my capacity as a business advisor for Coventry City Council. On several occasions I have asked Mr Leigh to assist the city council in providing his services as a speaker at business events held from time to time.

Mr Leigh is an extremely engaging and knowledgeable speaker on the subject of search engine optimisation. His talks have always been informative and entertaining. He has provided live and interactive examples of the expertise he possesses in abundance while remaining down to earth, focussed and relevant to the needs of the assembled business audience.

I would have no hesitation in asking Mr Leigh for his assistance at any suitable future events or seminars organised by the city council's business team. I also have no hesitation in recommending him to the organisers of other such events or to anyone seeking advice on search engine optimisation.

Economy & Jobs, Coty centre & Development Services, Coventry City Council

Floor 12, Civic Centre 4, Much Park Street, Coventry, CV1 2PY


Simpson Financial Services Ltd

We were introduced to Sean by Colin Bull of Coventry City Council. As a company we have a very big website and it all seemed to much to handle. We had also used SEO consultants before but to be honest, apart from spending a lot of money we didn't see any return or get to the first page of Google for any keywords.

Sean put SEO into perpsective for us and changed the way we used SEO. We believed initially it was all about lots of website visitors but in actual fact it's not. The training demonstarted that website visitors is one thing but website visitors who buy from you or book an appoitment is something completely different. Our website traffic has doubled year on year using Seans methods, however, we now get the vast majority of the new business we write from leads generated from our website.

Simspons and our financial team would recommend any business wanting to be succesful online to attend one of Sean's training days. You will be inspired and motivated to get your website Google ready. Sean is great and knows just about everything to do with the Internet especially search engine optimisation!.


SittingFirm Ltd

Sean and his team have proven that SEO isn't a dark art. Through simple methods that are practical and easy to understand we have changed the way we approach search engine optimisation and it has worked. We were very sceptical when we first listened to what Sean had to say but we now stand corrected and Sean was right. We are on the top of the first page of Google for our best keyword phrases 'Windsor Chairs' and 'Chair Makers'.

My recommendation to anyone with a business would be to attend and listen to what Sean has to say at one of the full day training courses. The simple thing is everything he will show you and demonstrate all makes complete sense. We implemented what we were told to do from our fix list which Sean gave us and within a month we were on the first page of the Google search results. Proof of search engine optimisation is simple, you are either on the first page or you are not.

We had tried out at least 3 search engine optimisation companies prior to doing this ourselves after Seans training. We would never go back to outsourcing this again basically because we don't need to.


Great session, learnt a lot. Really presents the information well, with a very inviting and frindly manner. Daniel leach AVC


Great! Thank you for all your advice, I shall attempt to make the changes and see the progress. Dan Simmons, TOC Ltd


Really interesting, can now go away and get marketing to fix the Internet to make us No1 and get making more money. Sue Chrascdna, The Oval Group


It's now down to you:

So you have now read about me, the way I work, the way I do things so the rest is up to you.

Give me a call on 0845 269 4714 and we can talk through what you need.